It is a good way to consider having a carpet at home. There could be a lot of positive and very useful ways why most of the home owners would like to have carpets at home. Kids could play with their toys and other stuff on the carpet. In this way, parents would not be so worried about their toddlers hitting their heads on the floor while playing with other kids. It would be very comfortable enough to sit there as well and enjoy the time to relax or watch a television show. But of course, to the overall advantage of it. Others might be thinking that it would just be the cause of additional home chores as you need to maintain the cleanliness of it and of course you have to make sure that it would look wonderful and clean especially when you have your visitors and guest. It is also very important reminder for other to make it free from any odor and unpleasant smell. There are a lot of reasons on why it gets smelly and having a foul odor.  


It could be about the debris of the food that you had last night. You might forget to clean the area where you have eaten your snacks while watching TV the other day. Especially for some soup and meat products. Probably, it is about the shoes that you forgot to wear off last time. Shoes could be used outside the home of course and that is the main reason why there are shoe prints on the carpet. You might walk from a muddy road or path or it was because of the dirty street where you walked last night. So, it better to make sure that you don’t bring your shoes form the outside to be taken inside the house. The most common reason for parents who have kids would be the urine of their babies. Sometimes, parents would not notice it as the liquid is already dried up. So, as time passes by you would smell and inhale some kind of smell that is the same with what you can recognize from the comfort room.  

In order for you to make sure that the carpet would be free from odor. You need to clean the carpet first, if you have a vacuum machine then that would be very good. After that, apply some baking soda on the carpet. You can do this at night before going to bed as you need to let the baking soda stay there for 10 hours or more than that. The next day, you can vacuum it again.  

If you wanted to make sure that everything would be removed. Then, you can purchase a carpet shampoo. The problem here is that you have to have the machine that is being use for the carpet to be cleaned. You have to make sure as well the there is enough ventilation for the moist to be dry.  

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